A family-owned investment company with focus on industrial investments and real estate

Ahlström Capital combines the best features of an industrial company, an investment company and a family-owned company. We hold significant financial resources as one of the largest investment companies in Finland, strong industrial expertise, efficient processes, and an attitude of an active and responsible owner. Our mission to create sustainable long-term shareholder value growth with attractive annual cash returns.

Our portfolio consists of real estate and industrial investments. Real estate investments, consisting of holdings in both buildings and forests, form the firm basis of our portfolio that provide steady returns with low risk. Industrial investments include substantial holdings in listed companies as well as direct investments in non-listed companies, and offer opportunities for strong value growth with medium risk.

We focus our industrial investments on businesses providing innovative and advanced fiber-based materials, as well as industrial technology and related services. Our strongest expertise and industrial traditions lie in these two areas, and there is world-class know-how in the Nordic countries that we can utilize in developing our portfolio companies.

When looking for new investments, we are mainly considering companies with an annual turnover of EUR 100-500 million based in the Nordic countries that comply with the Nordic governance model. These factors allow us to benefit from our local networks and decrease the risks related to new investments. When expanding the existing businesses, we seek investments globally.

Real estate and forest holdings focus on prime locations in the growth centers in Southern Finland and forests mainly in the Satakunta region in Western Finland. We also own and develop culturally and historically significant works in Noormarkku and Kauttua.

Developing leading businesses with strong expertise

We are ambitious and set high goals. One of our primary goals is to gain substantial influence or control in companies we invest in. We aim to be the largest owner in listed companies and a majority owner in non-listed companies, however we welcome co-investment opportunities with reputable investors.

We invest in companies that have the best preconditions for growth - the ones that we can develop into the best companies in their field of business. We help companies to achieve their full potential. We increase the value of the companies we own by actively participating in developing them, through active board and strategy work, as well as mergers and acquisitions. We support and develop the companies by forming effective boards that possess in-depth industrial experience and can support the management to succeed in leading their business.

We use our significant financial resources to enable our companies to grow. We invest more than financial capital: industry expertise and knowledge are invested too.